GYO is about Gay Older Men & Younger Men, Together. Intergenerational Gay Men; Life, Love & Relationships

Happy Monday GYO!

A Few Announcements

From time to time I do work for NYSPA, NY Psychological Association. One of my friends from NYSPA was heavily involved in getting the gay DSM diagnosis changed in 1973.

The Official GYO Flag

The Official GYO Flag#GayYoungOld #LGBTFlagHigh Resolution ../gyo.jpg 2 triangles of same sex attraction. A triangle symbolizing youthful support and strength while the other symbolizes the wisdom and life experience middle age brings.  3 color strips symbolize the 3 stages of adulthood Young adult (Teleiophilia), Middle Age (Mesophilia), Senior Age (Genontophilia).  Gold strips sun rising and settingLight […]

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