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Do These 4 Things to Get the Man

What do you do when a partner cheats? Dump him! Maybe or maybe not. Let’s create a logic flow to figure out if you are at fault.

Gay Older Is LIVE

Enjoying this pic of Daddy Bill?

This is a quick announcement to tell you, reddit sub and Youtube Channel are live!

WHAT is a Relationship BOUNDARY?


Boundaries are tools that are used to keep your relationships healthy. Toxic people don’t use or respect boundaries. What are boundaries and how do you use them effectively?

Mature Gray Daddy Bill is so Mad! Chappelle Vs Trans Vs LGBT

Daddy Bill watches Dave Chappelle Special “The Closer” How Mad is Bill at Dave Chappelle, Cancelled? Trans LGBT vs Dave CancelCulture #TransIsBeautiful #DaveChappelleTheCloser #cancelled #TheCloser #agegaplove Chappelle Vs Trans Vs LGBT

Did I Join a Hate Group?


I joined a Facebook Hate Group to see what their complaints were. I was shocked at the child-like antics and cult-like attitudes.

Summer Night Longing

A Gay Senior Story

About The Book: Summer Night Longing At 68, Erich thought he lacked nothing in life. In the heat of summer, he discovers a different side of himself, and feels conflicted. Erich is forced to question and rediscover himself, what he wants, and what he likes. When a young man crosses his path, his world gets […]

We Now Own

Now What? became available and so… I bought it. So now what?

Announcing CT Gay Older Men on FB

Announcing a New Group for Connecticut area Gay Older Men (& CT based admirers) Join now and meet friends, couples, date and find love in the Connecticut area

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