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15 Memes


15 Cheap Memes circulating Facebook that are actually really concise and applicable and changed my life.

Drug and Sex Addiction

Drug and Sex Addiction Gay Age Gap

Conversations About Sex & Gravity, Just The Tip

I know that I know nothing
“I know that I know nothing” is a saying derived from Plato’s account of the Greek philosopher Socrates. Socrates himself was never recorded as having said this phrase, and scholars generally agree that Socrates only ever asserted that he believed that he knew nothing, having never claimed that he knew that he knew nothing.


LDR don’t work for the majority because they don’t allow for natural bonding.

How to get a LDR to work.

Whoopi Goldberg’s Comments and the Origins of Racism. Are Jews White?

Whoopi is black and her understanding of race is from a black woman’s perspective. So Jews appear to be white to her. But are they?

When Men are Cheating

What do you do when a partner cheats? Dump him! Maybe or maybe not. Let’s create a logic flow to figure out if you are at fault.

What Happened In California

This is what really happened in California 2019

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