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Marriage Changes EVERYTHING

GYO Relationships Are Particularly Venerable to Attack and Sabotage. Can Marriage Really Help?

Marriage can be daunting to talk about on any level. There are so many aspects of marriage but there is one piece that keeps coming up clouded-in-mystery. Does marriage change your relationship? Not in the way you might think…

He Said, "Don't Call Me Daddy!"

Ask The Old Gay Dude

I shouted “Oh Daddy give it to me!” and he looked away and rolled his eyes. He said, “Don’t call me Daddy, I’m not your dad.”

People Think He’s My Dad

Traveling In An Older Younger Gay Relationship

We hope that in the future we’ll be able to confidently correct people wherever we go. Things are definitely progressing, however we’re not there yet.

Help, I Live In a Small Town How Do I Meet a Man?

Ask The Old Gay Dude

The OGD is at it again! ‘I’m 40, living with my mom in a small town. How do I meet a man?’
Stand back because here comes some tough love…

Guys Marry Their Fathers

You Will Only Find The Love You Think You Deserve

The men you are attracted to aren’t good for you, they’re just familiar. Some people go through life not really analyzing what their attraction is based on. As the “Y” in “GYO” you can’t help but wonder, ‘why am I like this?’. Why was my imagination filled with older men who clearly loved and cared for me but my reality was filled with emotionally distant ‘straight’ dad hookups?

I found my boyfriend on Grindr

Ask The Old Gay Dude

I found my boyfriend’s profile on Grindr this morning with relationship status of [single] with the same bio as when I met him three months ago.

The Eight Basic Rules For GYO Dating

Ultimate GYO Dating Guide To finding a Great Man

Dating isn’t easy if you’re doing it right. Being attracted to a different age group only makes it harder. GYO dating brings its own significant struggles.

Is Dave Chappelle Homophobic?

Sticks and Stones, homophobic and empathetic at the same time?

Comedy is not politically correct. Does Dave Chapelle go too far or is there some truth to things we don’t want to hear and some of it’s funny.

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