Validated Official GYO Meetup Groups

Official GYO Meetup groups have special privileges and liberties on GYO’s platform.

  • Your group will have access to the GYO Meetup Calendar to schedule and announce upcoming events to the subreddit.
  • Your group can mention and promote your group as you announce scheduled meetups and use the GYO affiliation without limit. 
  • We will “sticky” your meetup announcement posts within a week of your event.
  • Your group gets a link in the official meetup sidebar.
  • With official status your group has unlimited use all of our taglines, logos, content and the GYO flag as well as mention of “Official” status on your meetup groups page.
  • GYO Meetup welcome package which includes 50 GYO flag stickers and 20 patches.

If you would like have your group validated as an Official GYO Meetup Group, your group must adhere to these guidelines:

  1. Strict 18 or older adherence. Any violations result in groups immediate removal from all GYO content on all platforms. 
  2. Acceptance of all ethnicities, genders and ages: 18 and above. Any harassment or bias should be reported to and/or the police depending on legal severity. 
  3. Official meetups must be announced on reddit with at least 1 week notice with clear definitive time and location. 
  4. Any donations/moneys collected must reasonable and only to compensate for expenditures directly relating to GYO meetups.
  5. All meetup web copy or print literature must indicate “GYO meetups for friendship, camaraderie and community. (They aren’t for hookups)” Hookups, nudity, explicit fondling and sex at any GYO meetup is prohibited. Violations should be reported to
  6. GYO meetups do not have any corporate or political affiliations unless prior approval is sought from
  7. Any complains regarding meetups, attendees or organizers should be made directly to
  8. The meetup groups url must be in the following format with GayYoungOld-YourCity for example
  9. GYO chapter location designation; east west north south, neighborhoods, city and state, etc. and geographic limit decided by to avoid territory conflicts.

Meetup groups can apply for official status and must agree to these terms. Violation of these rules will result in loss of “Official” status and removal on all GYO documentation and content on all platforms.

Rules updated as of: 2019 Apr 22th.