How to Run A Meetup Event

Your goal for running GYO Meetup should be to designate a time and place allow people to meet converse and have fun, and then disband. Easy! The rest is just details. 

Running GYO Meetup event isn’t difficult. Most of the hard work is in finding a good location that can host a number of people and a place that sets the right mood to be conducive to conversation. After you’ve picked a location the rest of the details tend to fall and place.

GYO Meetups should never be about finding dates or hookup ups. GYO is about community friendship and bringing people with shared interests and lifestyles together. When GYO people commune, we share each others similars struggles and also our joys. And who knows, you might meet some really great people and make some friends while you’re at it.

Here are the steps to run a meetup event:

  • Chose a non-conflicting date and time to run the event.
  • Find a good GYO-friendly location, and call ahead of time to make sure they are open and available to receive your crowd.
  • Post an event announcement 2 weeks in advance on r/GYO and facebook
    • In the post title include the date and location, 
    • In the post body include event date, exact times, exact location
    • Have some way to group as people arrive, with either by a GYO flag or a specific table to meet at.

Basic Hosting Etiquette

  • Hosts should look out for new comers and introduce themselves as people enter. Hosts can ask “Are you here for the GYO meetup?”
  • Hosts should introduce new people to the rest of the GYO group. “Hey everyone this is [John]” or come up with a more creative introduction.
  • If you plan to run more events let people know to look out for future announcements.
  • In general ovoid topics that tend to spark arguments like politics and religion, etc.

Becoming an Official GYO Meetup

If you plan to run more than one GYO Meetup event your goal should be to become an Official GYO Meetup group. By achieving Official status your group gains the full support of GYO. 

Once you form a GYO meetup group on you can submit it to for validation. Validation will get you listed in the Official Meetup list on the wiki, on the sidebar, access to the official GYO calendar, tons of GYO stickers and patches, use of ‘Official GYO’ in group copy, and events get a week long run up announcement.