Owen Lee
Owen Lee
The Age Gap Guys A British gay couple made up of Owen (younger) and Jeremy (older). Together for over 6 years, we've been experienced the nerves, wonders and challenges of a gay young old relationship naturally holds. Wanting to be a positive influence and help reduce stigma we started sharing our lives on Instagram a year ago. It's been great connecting with everyone and hearing your stories. The amazing support, the many questions, and to further help visibility of GYO relationships we started www.AgeGapGuys.com and writing more advice and opinions. And here we are today!! Let's see what the future holds, and how many minds we can change together. Love O + J, The Age Gap Guys x

People Think He’s My Dad

Traveling In An Older Younger Gay Relationship

We hope that in the future we’ll be able to confidently correct people wherever we go. Things are definitely progressing, however we’re not there yet.

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