Fritz GYO Founder
Fritz GYO Founder
Programmer, photographer, musician, motorcyclist and tree climber. Founder of GayYoungOld (GYO) and Find me here:

How to meet GYO Gay Young Old Men In 2020

Your Guide to Dating in 2020

How to meet GYO Gay Young Old Men In 2020  #GayYoungOld #LGBT #Gay

Is This The End?

After More Than a Year, The NYC Meetups are Ending... Unless...

I created this meetup group and don’t want to see it end. The group needs someone to welcome people to events, basically operating as a GYO ambassador or a host.

Hosting an event is really easy, fulfilling and frankly fun.

Marriage Changes EVERYTHING

GYO Relationships Are Particularly Venerable to Attack and Sabotage. Can Marriage Really Help?

Marriage can be daunting to talk about on any level. There are so many aspects of marriage but there is one piece that keeps coming up clouded-in-mystery. Does marriage change your relationship? Not in the way you might think…

The Direction of GYO Going Forward...

A note from the founder

My time as reddit GYO top mod was successful, having started and grown the subs from 1 to over 20,000, 8 years later. I also realized my brand of leadership was not what a reddit group of r/GYO’s size needed going forward.

General Retirement Investing

Financial Advice for Older and Younger Men

I’ve seen all sorts of situations for older guys. In general, older men need upwards of a million dollars in assets and investments for comfortable retirement planning. In some cases, that’s generous and others it’s not enough.

GYO is looking for a few good men! Creative writers

Yup GYO is looking for writers. has pretty consistent visitors. Want to write about your past, LGBT history and events, or GYO news? Even fantasy, opinion or advice column… Requirements: creative writing experience and some experience with WordPress would help. PM me

Meetup Guide and May & June Official GYO Meetups

NYC and Vancouver BC - Mark your calendars

We have a few GYO meetups coming up! I want to give you some time in the run up so you can make your plans.

Announcing the First Official GYO West Coast Meetup

April 28th - Vancouver BC!

GYO Vancouver! For the first time ever we are bringing GYO to the West Coast!

The GYO Event Calendar is now Public!

Our Gay Young Old Event Calendar is now public so you can visit, subscribe and print any Year, Month or Date on our calendar. [calendar id=”155″] or subscribe in your google account or Apple Calendars using this link

Happy GYO 14,000 Members and a Big News Announcement…

Hey GYO, I don’t want to scare you but I graphed some numbers and you are growing exponentially!

Hey GYO, I don’t want to scare you but I graphed some numbers and you are growing exponentially! No one could stop you even if they wanted to. Over 14,000 subscribers and more every day.

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