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The #1 Thing That Will KILL ANY Date or Relationship
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This channel focuses on Older and Younger Gay Relationships. Topics include age, relationships, family, friends, finances, sex and love with older men.

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This is Lotta is a story about 2 gay men that adopt a puppy. This is no ordinary story and it’s no ordinary puppy. You follow them through the ups and downs of gay younger older life.
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Are you being manipulated?

When we lift the covers from our feelings We expose our insecure spots Trust is just as rare as devotion Forgive us our cynical thoughts If we need too much attention Not content with being cool We must throw ourselves wide open And start acting like a fool If…
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How Democrats Regain Power How Do Dems Regain Power Intro When covid hit I got in to a discussion with a 60 yo feminist woman. JANET. She thinks her struggles were harder than a white gay boy growing up like me. Comparing current kids to…

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