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Whoopi Goldberg’s Comments and the Origins of Racism. Are Jews White?
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What is it? Passive aggression.

Aggression = anger, 

Toxic masculinity

Passive = Quiet, tentative, indecisive, lacking confidence

Combine them to get “quiet anger”… 

Passive aggression is a type of indirect aggression. It allows a person to express anger and related emotions without directly communicating these feelings. People expressing passive aggression often retain the ability to deny that they intended their behavior aggressively.

That’s when things get weird. 

PA is common in people who repress their feelings, lack confidence, or are subordinate. Unfortunately, that means it’s prevalent in women and gay men, especially those attracted to older big more dominate men. GYO I’m talking to you. 

As I said it’s not one behavior but a collection of behaviors or traits that indicate PA, so just because you catch someone in a lie or them lashing out for no reason doesn’t mean it was PA. 

If you have these traits or know someone who does, you can start the much needed work to correct this behavior. 

  1. Ghosting – nothing more PA than ghosting. 
  2. Being late instead of being clear or saying they don’t want to they will just drag their feet and wait till the last minute to do it. 
  3. Silence – the silent treatment is a clear indication of PA
  4. Excuses – if they aren’t honest or clear and you get a boatload of excuses
  5. Sarscam – to cover or mislead away from the truth about how you feel. 
  6. Backhanded complements – ‘look good today, I’m surprised.’, or ‘I was actually able to enjoy the night with you.’   
  7. Insists you just misunderstood them.
  8. Talks to uninvolved parties about what’s wrong to vent

So where does it come from?

People pleasing, or growing up in an angry or violent house hold where it was safer or better to be quiet, or constantly getting shutdown or overruled regardless of the topic or idea. 

How to fix it?

See a therapist and address your fear of speaking up. Why fear, and methods for entering conflict so you can feel safe while addressing issues that bug you. 

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Whoopi is black and her understanding of race is from a black woman’s perspective. So Jews appear to be white to her. But are they?

* Race was created by society the same way money was created. It only exists because you believe it.

* Understanding that it was created and shaped in to the current meaning, means its understanding has evolved and is changing.because it’s interpreted by everyone and doesn’t have clear verifiable and testable conclusions means everyone one will have a different perspective of it. It will influence your world.

When settlers came to the US they brought white europeans to be their servants. They were looked down upon and considered a low class of people often British people. As black and brown people were stolen from other countries they were sold and put in to slavery in the US a class system formed based on the darkness of skin tone. The darker the skin the lower the class. That bigoted belief still perpetuates in some circles today. That is where our American understanding of race originates.

Everyone has a different view of the world based on their experience with race and life. Whoopi had a very black verse white experience which would shape how she saw Jews as white in 1940. So how are Jewish people often appearing white, not the white race?

First of all white is not a race, it is the absence of race, the absence of culture, the absence of meaning or origin, it is closely aligned with American/European colonialism, war, genocide, conquest and capitalism. Jews are often depicted as having a pail skin pigment but in reality they come from varying parts of the world with varying skin tones.

As we said black/white racism is very American perspective of race, but the jewish people have 3000 year history of racism that doesn’t revolve around America in 1492. Race is not real, racism is. The jewish people are very concerned about the curation and drift of historical beliefs including holocaust deniers which are a huge group and still growing. So when someone says WWII wasn’t about race you can bet you are going to upset a large group of people who are the direct descendants of people who died in mass at the hands of a racist fascist regime. That’s concerning to say the least. So Whoopi needs to understand race isn’t always black/white.

Race is created and not scientific so your view can’t be proven imperially wrong or right. BTW what we just talked about is Critical Race Theory. The belief that racism is completely intertwined in our social fabric. while race doesn’t actually exist, racism does and it’s pervasive and we don’t even realize it.

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