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Is This The End?
After More Than a Year, The NYC Meetups are Ending... Unless...
By Fritz GYO Founder comment One Comment

In Sept 2018, I organized the first GYO meetup at a small bar in NYC. The night was a fun and full of promise. Since then, the NYC meetup group has gained traction and now has nearly 1,000 members with 20 – 40 regular attendees.

In June, a few reddit users disagreed with leadership decisions. Some lies were spread which was painful to see. I resigned my role as leader and organizer with no interest in any future possibility for return.

Since then, the NYC Meetup has been thrown in to turmoil. Meetups have continued under temporary leadership but with no current leader or organizer, the group is scheduled to waste away. Some members have stepped up in the meantime but no permanent organizer has come forward.

At this point, I operate with the intent to do-no-harm. I created this meetup group and don’t want to see it end. The group needs someone to welcome people to events, basically operating as a GYO ambassador or a host. If you are interested in running a meetup, I will be glad to meet with you and give you a quick rundown on how to run a meetup event. Hosting an event is really easy, fulfilling and frankly fun.

If you are interested in the groups success please share this post, FB Twitter, Reddit, everywhere.

Want to run a Meetup but don’t know where to start?
I’ve created a basic meetup guide so you can run your own meetups in your area.

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  1. Like your video and site. 53 year old here who likes older guys. Interested in coming to a group meeting in my. I live in long island. Would like to know when you guys regroup. Totally out here. Feel free to contact me. Besmivharl