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I 3D Printed My Own GYO Butt Plug!
My Story of What Happens When a Horny Young Nerd Has A Older Man Who Is TOO BIG
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John and I met in a diner. It was a rainy fall afternoon, and most of the tables were empty. I scanned the room and quickly spotted him, a gray bearish man, complete with beard and plaid shirt. He had warm soft inviting blue eyes and big strong hairy arms which stood out against the glimmer of this gold watch. We talked for a little while and I felt very comfortable with him. Things were going well and he was giving me signs that he was interested. We went to a bar nearby and sat at the bar stools, to look in each others eyes. After a few drinks I was holding my hands together by my knees and John slid his big beefy hand between mine, then out and in a few more times as he gazed at me. We were on the same page… and I knew that as some point that night, I was going to be his bottom.

We wandered back to his apartment. The door closed behind him and he wrapped me in his arms. He smelled so good, like a sexy combination of leather, rain and baby powder. His lips were soft and as he gently pressed his hips in to me I could feel his hard cock. We stripped our clothes away and that’s when I discovered some troubling news… His cock was too wide for my inexperienced boy hole. You would think this is a good problem to have but alas it just hurt so much when he entered me and no amount of lube or foreplay would help. Every thrust felt like I was getting penetrated by with a bottle of whiskey… The next day the pain was real but together John and I clicked so many other levels. We had a cup of coffee together then kissed each other goodbye. I could feel every step as I walked to the subway. John left an impression. That day I went to work to see if I could solve this problem. I was going to get a butt plug so the next time I met John I was ready!

I stopped at the local sex shop and found a few butt plugs but they were very small, almost, as if they were for someone who liked the idea of a plug in their ass, but didn’t actually want something larger than a finger to ever enter. Continuing my search online I found more of the same or things that were so gigantic they seemed inhuman. I would have to make my own. Challenge Accepted!

I estimate John was about 50mm or 6 inches around or 2 in diameter.

What Does 50mm Diameter Look Like
What Does 50mm Diameter Look Like

I love technology and specifically loved my 3d printer. I would print all sorts of useless items for my apartment. I decided to see if I could make a comfortable large butt plug. I estimated John was about 6 inches around, yeah it’s big! 6 inches works out to about 50mm diameter.

Basic Butt Plug Designs are Quite Uncomfortable

Basic butt plug designs are quite uncomfortable, so I would have to model my own. I opened by favorite 3D modeling software and mapped out a few shapes I thought would be accommodating. The design started small then scaled up to what I thought was big enough but that I could handle. I even printed and tried a few. Some were too thin, too long or the handle ergonomics didn’t feel right when I sat down.

After a few days and a few iterations I had what I thought was the perfect design.

Butt Plug Render in 3D
Butt Plug Render in 3D

The above zip includes the STL 3d file modeled in Mesh how ever feel free to manipulate or print in any software of your choice.

After 5 renders and days of printing then smoothing with vapored acetone. the Ergo-Plug 47 was born. I used a lot of lube and slid that big plug in. It’s Big baby, and oh so perfect!

After printing I was excited to try it out. John invited me over that Friday for a date. I douched just before I left my apartment, lubed up the Ergo-Plug 47 and slid it slowly and gently in. It was comfortable as I sat on it riding the subway train. No one knew I was sitting on this massive butt plug. John’s apartment door swung open and he welcomed me in. We watched a movie and ordered Chinese. The movie Logan, was pretty good, though, John isn’t much in to sci-fi. We were warm under a blanket cuddling on his couch. Half way through the movie, I slipped away to the bathroom, pulled out the butt plug and washed it off, then went back to finish the movie and see were things went. The credits rolled and we laid there for a bit holding each other and kissing occasionally. I unbuttoned his shirt and ran my fingers through his chest hair. His dick was getting hard. He looked at me with his big blue eyes then gave me a spank on my ass. (The cue to move to the bedroom.) The tension was pretty hot and I found myself laying on his bed stomach down, He was laying on me grinding his hips on my ass, his thick cock resting between my cheeks. I was so hot for it and needed to be pounded. (After all I hadn’t a really good experience from John like that yet.) He went to his knees kneeling over my ass, with the head of his dick resting on my hole. I heard him spit on my hole, then his warmth filled me. It was so good. I was pinned. John’s mouth was by my ear. He held my arms and drove his huge smooth hard cock in to me over and over again. Every thrust felt like ecstasy. Needless to say the Ergo-Plug 47 was magic and I have used it every time since.

Enjoy! John does.

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