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He Said, "Don't Call Me Daddy!"
Ask The Old Gay Dude
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I’m dating this guy and he’s super hot. He’s much older than me, gray and absolutely owns me in bed, like sore and walking funny afterwords LOL A week ago as he was fucking me I shouted “Oh Daddy give it to me!” and he looked away and rolled his eyes. He pulled out of me and said, “Don’t call me Daddy, I’m not your dad.” I was like, ok no big deal, but it was super hot right till he got pissed off. Is he right?
I can’t help it if I’m
Cum Struck For Dad

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So you love getting fucked by Dad, just not your Dad… No nothing confusing about that…
This is an on going issue in the GYO community, there is a minority of older guys who insist there is something wrong and dirty with being called ‘Daddy/Dad/Papa/Grandpa/etc’ in bed and in life. It’s because there is clearly a crossing-of-the-line here and it just happens to turn you on. (For the same reason incest porn is so rampant online.) People are turned on by the idea of getting fucked by someone posing as their biological dad. Most people should recoil at the idea of an actual father having sex with his actual son, for so many reasons. To your point, is your ‘old man’ right? He has the right to want to be called what ever, and you have the right to call him whatever. Most likely he doesn’t like the fantasy association of being Daddy because a lot of older men were unfairly labeled sexual deviants in the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s… and well, still today. On the other hand, you should be able to do whatever you want to each other in the privacy of your bedroom without judgement as long as you are both GGG (Good, Giving and Game) to borrow the acronym. Nevermind, that wives often refer to their husbands as Daddy whether there are kids in the picture or not and no one jumps to the conclusion they are sexual deviants. Your old man should be GGG and lossen up about what is said in the heat of the moment.
The Old Gay Dude

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