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GYO is looking for a few good men! Creative writers
By Fritz GYO Founder comment 2 Comments

Yup GYO is looking for writers. has pretty consistent visitors. Want to write about your past, LGBT history and events, or GYO news? Even fantasy, opinion or advice column…

Requirements: creative writing experience and some experience with WordPress would help. PM me

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  1. Dear Fritz the Jovial!
    What kind of writing are you looking for? I was art critic to The Washington Post from 1965 to 1967. My art writing has been published in many art journals, internationally. I have also had personal memoir pieces published. Where will the writing be published? Does the author retain the copyright? Will you be paying him for his writing?
    I am an artist as well as an art writer, and I definitely belong to your community. I am now 84 and am still looking for a much younger man to share the final years of my life. In my last relationship, I was 54 and he was 27. It was the best sex of any of my relationships, satisfying for both of us.
    Twenty years ago, I unearthed the true story of William Shakespeare’s bisexual love life. I am now trying to write it as a three volume novel.
    Perhaps your readers would be interested in the main gist of the story, and how I unearthed it.
    How long do you like your articles to be?
    I have enjoyed rediscovering the various articles plus comments posted on your web site. Very encouraging to meet up with this community, and the lively contributions!
    With best wishes from Andrew Hudson.

    1. Hi Andrew, Thanks for writing. In general, and this goes for anyone who’s interested, you define the theme and the length, you decide any accompanying artwork or photographs. Whether it’s a continuing installations or a one-off is up to you. I leave the door open to you on how and in what capacity you want to contribute to the GYO project.

      Yes, this would be a great place for a true story about Shakespeare bisexual love life. I bet you have some interesting stories from your own life as well. It’s up to you if this is the place to share. You can email me at or I can create a login for you on the blog.