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Happy GYO 14,000 Members and a Big News Announcement…
Hey GYO, I don’t want to scare you but I graphed some numbers and you are growing exponentially!
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Hey Boys! NYC’s meetup last night was a blast! So many great guys and great conversations. It was one of our biggest crowds yet and everyone really enjoyed it. That makes me really happy. I love everything we are becoming as a group online and IRL

Hey GYO, I don’t want to scare you but I graphed some numbers and you are growing exponentially! No one could stop you even if they wanted to. Over 14,000 subscribers and more every day. That means a few things; there are more of us than I thought, and we are a sub worthy of exponential growth. We are doing things right! Whether in managing this sub or living your GYO life. You are doing things right. Don’t let anyone tell you different

BUT… I have some BIG NEWS

As you know 6 months ago I launched our first meetup group in NYC. Today, I’m so fucking proud to announce We Now Have A West Coast GYO Meetup Chapter! In Vancouver British Columbia. I am excited for everyone there and can’t wait to make my way out there for one of our Official GYO West Coast Meetups. Big thank you to TMontana1969 for organizing the group. If you are on the west coast, join the group and look for upcoming GYO events

Let this be a proof-of-concept for anyone else reading this. DM our fantastic hard working Mods for details on how to start an Official GYO Meetup Group in your area.

Gentlemen, a GYO History refresher:

That’s what Exponential Growth looks like. Buckle Up Boys, we’re entering uncharted waters!
  • 5 years ago 1000
  • 3 years ago 3000
  • 1.5 years ago 6000
  • Today 14,000!!!

GYO is about gay older men and younger men, together.
Thanks to everyone and I hope to see you at a meetup soon!

Fritz (aka headShrinker)
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