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An Imperfect Love With a Handsome Aroused Older Man

I broke up with Bill. Had dated a few guys, bareben, Mr Parker, and The assistant principal. I had traveled to see a few guys and had some hot results. Indiana, california. Northern Wisconsin. Illinois. I saw a hot guy Tom on a website.

What If My High School Science Teacher Made Love to Me?

Sophomore in HS. Stupid class, didn’t like the teacher. Trouble maker got kicked out a lot. One day, I felt my feeling change and I dreaded it. He was divorced with two kids. Started hanging out in the Science office.

My First Relationship, a Powerful Old Gray Bear & an Excited 18yo Boy

You’re just 18, you know you like older men but are afraid curious and closeted. You are struggling with your parents and dropping out of high school. You have so much potential but just can’t find a direction. Then you meet a hot 55 year old bear. That’s what we are talking about today.

The Courage to Kiss & Love a Sexy Mature Man Double My Age

You’ve dated and gotten serious with two hot guys, one more flawed and toxic than the previous. Your gun shy in a big city that crush you if you aren’t careful. You’re dating and you’re still hopeful. Your lucky enough met three dream hot older men and now you have to make a decision that will change the course of your life forever.

Steamy Lonely New York Mature Dad Sex Love Failure

I moved to New York City and met the man of my dreams. He hit is off, then the problems started.

Big Age Gap Love the Unfortunate Thing #Gay

You meet the man of your dreams. Or so you think. But as time goes on and you develop as a man, your needs change. This episode explores that.


Not Clickbait


As Elon Musk takes control of twitter, concern over free speech and misinformation are paramount. Gay Young Old has always been in the crosshairs of liberal and conservative voices. Society generally approves of young female almost naked bodies as sex symbols. Older men not so much. Talking about it or want it is speech that will get you censored.


Adventures with my 70 Year Old Gay Daddy

This is Lotta is a story about 2 gay men that adopt a puppy. This is no ordinary story and it’s no ordinary puppy. You follow them through the ups and downs of gay younger older life.

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