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The #1 Thing That Will KILL ANY Date or Relationship

PA is common in people who repress their feelings, lack confidence, or are subordinate. Unfortunately, that means it’s prevalent in women and gay men, especially those attracted to older big more dominate men. GYO I’m talking to you. 

How Democrats Regain Power

How Do Dems Regain Power Intro When covid hit I got in to a discussion with a 60 yo feminist woman. JANET. She thinks her struggles were harder than a white gay boy growing up like me. Comparing current kids to hers and my upbringing, she conjured the Cold War. I said my fear growing […]

Silver Daddy Bill Puts the "Big D" in Younger's Discipline - Age Gap

Silver Daddy Bill Puts the “Big D” in Younger’s Discipline – Age Gap

NEVER DO These 10 Things In BED

From basic to advanced, Never do this things while in bed with another man. If you want a second chance, never do these things.

Breaking News: 'Unhappy' Virus Spreading Fast

There is a Monkey Virus spreading but there’s also an ‘unhappy’ virus spreading even faster.

One of these is real the other is a metaphor. The Monkeypox virus is real. The unhappy virus is a metaphor. Watch to find out what the v I’m talking about.

15 Memes


15 Cheap Memes circulating Facebook that are actually really concise and applicable and changed my life.

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